Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Introducing Fantasia!!!

Hey guys sorry I haven't done this for a while.  Sadly, my progress isn't going too well.  I still have to video my friends riding so that I can start putting my final presentation together.  I will be sure to post that when I'm finished.  But, please leave a comment, tell me what you want to know and I will try to inform you to the best of my abilities.  I rode this weekend.  I did ride Fidget, but I also rode Fantasia. She is very different compared to Fidget.  She has a lower headset and when she moves, she pushes from behind, while Fidget's head is higher and kind of pulls himself along.  Anyway, I was nervous to ride Fantasia because she is so different.  My trainer knew that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and ride someone new.  I'm glad she did because honestly I can't wait to ride her again!

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This is not my picture of Fantasia.  It came from my friend's Instagram account because the picture I have isn't very good and doesn't show how beautiful this girl is.

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This, on the other hand is my picture and I made Fidget a unicorn!! He's so tolerant and patient.  I love this horse so much, even if he can be a pain sometimes.

Expect more to come soon.  I have got to get moving on this project before the deadline comes and smacks me in the face!!  Thanks for reading guys!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Introduction to My Passion Project

Hey everybody!!  In my class Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, we are doing something called a Passion Project.  We get to research whatever topic we want.  I will be researching different styles and elements of horseback riding.  This will include dressage, jumping, hunters, western, gaming, bareback, tacking up, and much more!  If you don't know what that is, I will explain when they come up in my actual project.  I'm so excited to be able to do this project.  I chose this topic because I love to ride horses whenever I can.  I used to ride everyday for hours on end, but when I turned 10 I told my mom that I wanted nothing to do with it.  After 4 years, I decided that it was time to get back on and fill the emptiness that was in heart.  Fidget is the name of the horse that I ride.  I will be posting videos and pictures of us and of this whole process.  You will never go uniformed.  So, I'm sure you're wondering what question I'm supposed to be answering if I get to do whatever I want.

How can different elements of equestrianism influence the way equestrians ride?

So in the weeks to come, you will get an inside look on my Passion Project.  

Talk to you later,